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July 23, 2015

Fun baby shower gift ideas for number 1, 2 or 3

Are you hosting a baby shower or attending one soon?

Lots of babies being born and on the way right now – including the sweetest new royal family member, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and isn’t she precious!

Many people ask the question – when moms are on their second or third baby is a shower appropriate?

My favorite answer and the one that makes the most sense to me:

“Yes, each baby is a celebration and the shower is like their first birthday party.”

Remember, friends and family are most likely going to get a gift to the expecting mom anyway so giving it at a shower is a very nice way to do so.  It is also a way they have to celebrate the new baby and get everyone together which is always nice.

There are always items that the new or experienced mom needs whether it be her first or 4th.  Items wear out from overuse or as the mom goes along with baby #1 or #2 she may wish she had a different item her friend had that worked better.  At the very least everyone needs more diapers and wipes.

Gift ideas for baby number 2

One item that totally wore out on me after baby #1 – was a DIAPER BAG (so if I was blessed with #2 it would be the FIRST item on my list).  A good diaper bag is a must – this is most likely the item you use the very most just behind diapers.  It allows you to get out and feel prepared to face any of your baby’s needs.  J.W. Shorter & Son Mercantile is stocking these absolutely gorgeous bags that make me envy preggo ladies.  They come with the diaper changing pad insert, shoulder strap and 6 pockets.  These bags keep any mom styling while running the motherhood marathon.

Baby shower gifts for baby number 2

I also love all the tights and fuzzy animal coats that are keepsakes and perfect to have a baby photographed in.  You really can’t miss with any of the stunning baby items at Grandpa Shorter’s that are sure to impress.  This just scratches the surface on what they stock so be sure to check out the Shorter’s stores for all your baby gift needs and of course mama’s can register for what they like as well.

Enjoy celebrating new babies and their mama’s.

For baby shower and gift ideas visit these helpful links:

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