Paddleboarding – A Northern Michigan Adventure

June 8, 2021

Join us for a paddleboard ride – A Northern Michigan adventure, and workout wrapped into one.

Paddleboarding or SUP has become the new thing in Northern Michigan over the past few years. There are many local stores that sell them, you can rent them, join clubs, and even have a tour guide. It’s a great way to enjoy the many beautiful lakes around Petoskey and Harbor Springs.

A few of the lakes that I enjoy paddleboarding are Crooked Lake, Burt Lake, and Walloon Lake. The smaller lakes are calmer than Lake Michigan; I’ll leave Lake Michigan to the pros.

Places near Petoskey to buy/rent paddleboards:

Little Bay Boards: Little Bay Boards makes handcrafted, eco-friendly, hollow-core, beautiful wood stand up paddleboards. Seriously these boards are works of art and made in Petoskey, you’ll want to check them out.

Bahnhof: Located on Bay View Rd. Bahnhof has many paddleboards for sale or rent. You can park and carry them to the beach or take them to your favorite nearby lake.

The Outfitter of Harbor Springs: From Surftech to Boardworks, The Outfitters of Harbor Springs carries many SUP brands. Stop in and check them out for yourself or you can also rent. Renting times range from 1.5 hours to a full week.

Tommy’s Walloon: Tommy’s in Walloon also provides options for both buyers and renter. One of my favorite things about Tommy’s is that they offer large inflatable paddleboards to rent that hold 2-6 people. Now that would be an adventure.

Paddleboard safety tips:

Paddleboarding safety is important, you’ll want to know how to prevent injuries, accidents, and stay safe on the water. Besides the obvious, wearing a life jacket, here are 7 Important Tips for Paddleboarding Safety from Seaside Planet.

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Paddleboarding - a northern michigan adventure from Grandpa Shorter's Gifts in Petoskey, MI