Photo Scavenger Hunt

March 27, 2020

We had so much fun on our neighborhood scavenger hunt, so we thought we would add a photo scavenger hunt.

Photography Scavenger Hunt from Grandpa Shorter's Gifts in Petoskey, MI

Similar to our neighborhood scavenger hunt, this version is all about photos. Let your kids use your camera or smartphone to take pictures of the items on the checklist. Do this while going for a walk around your neighborhood.

Be as creative as possible with your photos; take them from different angles, use your zoom, or try a new filter. The goal of this photo scavenger hunt is to enjoy some fresh air and time as a family. So make sure to get involved, be safe, social distance, and watch what’s going on around you.

Photography Scavenger Hunt from Grandpa Shorter's Gifts in Petoskey, MI

Click here to print out your photo scavenger hunt.

Once you completed your walk/scavenger hunt, look through your photos as a family, and check them off your list. If you snapped any unique pictures, or have a favorite photo, share your results on social media. It might encourage others to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

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Photo Scavenger Hunt from Grandpa Shorter's Gifts in Petoskey, MI