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Tiny Ice Cream Kit


Teach your kids the fun of science with our Tiny Ice Cream Kit! With it, you and your kids can make your very own ice cream. Inside, there are 15 different treats you can make! This would make both a fun and educational day activity!

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Tiny Ice Cream Kit

  • 15 Enormously Tasty Treats
  • Worlds Smallest Ice Cream Kit
  • Ages 8+
  • 21 Pieces
    • Tiny Ice Cream Canister
    • Dasher
    • Lid with Crank
    • Tiny Silicone Waffle Cone Molds
    • Tiny Waffle Cone & Bowl Shaper
    • Tiny Ice Cream Scoop
    • Tiny Spatula
    • Tiny Ice Cream Bowls
    • Cone Holder
    • Tiny Mixing Bowl
    • Tiny Mixing Spoon
    • Wee-Spoons
    • Papercraft Ice Cream Truck & Menu Board
    • Fold-Out Recipe Sheet