Tara Otto-Brill

Tara Otto-Brill

Immediate Area Assistant of My Immediate Area

How long I’ve been with Grandpa Shorter’s:
Spring of 2021

Fun Fact:
When I was growing up my imaginary friends were the music group “The Monkeys”. My mom wasn’t allowed to sit on the couch when The Monkeys were visiting because they filled up the entire couch.

Favorite thing to do in Petoskey:
Watch a million dollar sunset.

Childhood Nickname:
I didn’t have a childhood nickname but accumulated quite a few as an adult. Tara-cotta, Tara-bull, Tara-byte, but Tara-dactyl is my favorite.

Favorite cereal:
I’m not into the sugary cereals. I know, I’m boring. Rice Chex, Cheerios, Raisin Bran and Frosted Mini-Wheats are my favorite.