In the cult classic film Escanaba in Da Moonlight, about life in Michigan, Jeff Daniel’s character says opening day of deer season is like, “Christmas with Guns.” Deer season is a big deal in Michigan. The deer harvest is Michigan’s most popular game season, with 93 percent of all hunter...
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Hi everyone, Halloween is over (can you believe it?), and we are quickly moving into hunting season here in Northern Michigan. It has been bow season for over a month now and my husband is often out baiting the deer, checking his trail cam with our seven year old or sitting in his blind waiting fo...
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Northern Michigan is widely known for its famous whitetails and hunting season come mid-November of every year. What is the first thing you think of when you hear whitetails? I often think immediately of my husband leaving for hunting camp for several weeks and often bringing home enough venison to ...
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It's hunting season here in Michigan and my husband has already been bow hunting the last month and I've gotten to hear all about it. He goes and baits the deer and then grabs the photos of the incoming animals off his trail camera and brings them home for the kids to see. Deer, raccoons, porcupine...
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