A hobby I never thought I would step foot into as a 23 year-old- coloring. I had witnessed all the rage when the Adult Coloring Books had just come out, and I thought it was pretty neat, but certainly not something I'd ever take up myself. I can honestly say that the last time I took the time to sit...
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Christmas break just started a few days ago. Are you ready for the kids to go back to school already? I'm not quite there yet, but I'm sure after Christmas I'm going to be! For now, we are still getting ready for the holiday. Today the kids are out Christmas shopping for me with dad. They weren't ...
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While the holidays are filled with lots of cheer they can also be filled with lots of stress. A full calendar of activities and budgets stretched to the limit all add up to a not so holly jolly time. A little planning will help make the holidays merrier and brighter for everyone. Managing Your Time...
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