10 Reasons Your Teen Needs a Summer Job

April 7, 2017

While some may argue part-time jobs take teens away from their school studies and extracurricular activities, there are actually many benefits to a teen working. As long as they manage their time well, teens can gain valuable life skills through a summer or after-school job.

1. They begin to understand money – A teen with a job quickly learns about the value of a dollar. As they earn and spend, they’ll see how easy it is to spend 20 hours worth of work in five minutes. And once that money is gone, it’s gone forever. As a parent, you’ll have the opportunity to guide your teen in creating a budget, opening a savings account and even teach them about paying taxes.

2. They start to build a resume – Even when hiring college-educated employees, employers like to see some former work experience on a resume. It doesn’t matter it isn’t in the right field. A good reference from a summer job lets an employer know your new college grad is a hard worker who can take direction and show up for work every day.

3. They’ll have networking opportunities – An after-school job in high school could led to a summer internship in college and a job after graduation. Or perhaps they’ll build relationships with other employers who provide services to the business they work for part-time. Often, getting a job comes down to who you know.

4. They can earn money for college – We all know college is expensive. Every dollar a teen earns and saves towards college in high school, is one less dollar they’ll have to take from you, or borrow from the government, to pay for their higher education.

5. They’ll learn a work ethic – Teens who have part-time jobs develop a better work ethic. They learn the importance of showing up for work on time every day and giving their best. They also see that not only does a job well-done earn you a paycheck, it gives a feeling of satisfaction and self-worth.

6. They’ll learn time management skills – Since teens do have to balance work, school and their social life, they’ll learn valuable time management skills that will help them in college and beyond. And again, as the parent, you’re still available to guide and give them a push when they need it.

7. They’ll learn job search skills – Looking for a part-time job gives teens experience with the hiring process. They’ll learn how to create a basic resume and provide references. They’ll also get job interview experience. They may even discover a career avenue they want to pursue as an adult.

8. They earn their own pocket money – Teens are expensive. They want their own electronics, a nice car and a booming social life. If they have a job, they can pay for their own car, insurance and gas. They can buy their own cell phone, and they won’t have to ask you for money to go to the movies.

9. A job is a productive use of time – Your teen can spend their summer playing Xbox and watching Netflix, or they can get out of the house and earn money. And we all know an idle teenager who got bored, did something stupid and wound up in big trouble. A teen with a job has less time for trouble-making.

10. They learn people skills – Working teens learn how to get along with co-workers and treat their boss with respect. If they have a job dealing with the public, they’ll also learn customer service skills which will help them deal with clients later on in life.

If you have a teen in your house, encourage them to find a job this summer. Even just a hours a week can set them up for success in the future.  If you’re local, have your teen apply at Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts.


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