5 Inexpensive & Spooky Adult Costumes

October 10, 2016

It’s almost mid-October and Halloween is closing in and fast here in Northern Michigan. I feel like summer just ended but I’m trying to enjoy as much as fall as possible! With Halloween being right around the corner, I love to dress up and I really enjoy shopping for and even making my kids costumes. I love to dress up too but I don’t always want to spend $39.99 on a costume from Amazon or even the local Halloween Superstore here in Petoskey. I took the kids in there this past weekend to look around. The weather hasn’t been the greatest lately and it was pretty rainy and we wanted to get out of the house. Some of the costumes were really cool but some of them had me thinking I could make something similar for a whole lot less!

Grandpa Shorter's Spooky Adult Costumes

If you love to dress up but don’t want to break the bank, today’s post is all about inexpensive DIY spooky costumes! There is just something about dressing up once a year that is fun and unexpected! Maybe it’s just the time of year with the weather being crisp and cool. Add in cool, blustery, rainy nights and there is just something plain spooky about October!

Today on the blog I am bringing you 5 inexpensive spooky adult costumes that are easy to put together and won’t break the bank:

  1. Witch – Black dress out of your closet = FREE or head to the local thrift store and grab an inexpensive black dress. Green face paint from the local drugstore is only a few dollars out of pocket and a simple black witches hat = $1 from the dollar store.
  2. Clown – If you’re on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen all the news about the creepy clowns in various parts of the U.S. Even locally here in Petoskey we keep hearing of sighting With everything in the news about creepy clowns lately what perfect timing to dress up at a spooky clown! Most thrift stores have a Halloween rack and I know I’ve seen clown costumes. Pick up face makeup from the drugstore and a wig and you will be all set! Don’t want to try your hand at face paint? Pick up a mask from a local big box store.
  3. Vampire – White face paint, red face paint for blood, fake teeth a white shirt which you probably own and a black cape. Don’t want to buy one? Purchase several yards of black fabric at Joann Fabric or Hobby Lobby.
  4. Bloody Bride & Groom or King & Queen Prom Dates – This costume would be SO easy. I’m we all know someone that has an old prom or wedding dress that they would be willing to donate to your cause. If not, old prom dresses and wedding dresses are a dime a dozen at local thrift stores. Add some messy hair, bad makeup and blood and you are all set!
  5. Ghost – Ok, ok…I know this one is kind of obvious but really, how often do you EVER see anyone dressed up as a ghost, white sheet and all? That’s what I thought. Use a large black Sharpie marker to draw where your eyes would go OR cut out the eyes so you can see.

Looking for some fun and spooky Halloween activities this year? Northern Michigan is full of some great places –

Kurt & Burt’s Scream in Wolverine – Located in Wolverine about 20 minutes from Petoskey, this out of the way haunted house is not for the faint of heart. Make a evening of it with dinner and drinks at the Thirsty Sturgeon and then head over to Kurt & Burt’s!

Downtown Petoskey Ghost Walk – True life and chilling accounts from Petoskey’s past.

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