5 Tips for Blasting the Clutter

February 4, 2015

Sometimes, I just want to take a leaf blower to all the clutter in the house just like how Bill Murray in Caddy Shack cleans.

Do you ever have that feeling?

Here are 5 ideas on how to organize the clutter in a way that when it grows you can keep on it.


5 tips for busting clutter

Take your ever mounting piles and drawers of toys and divide them into categories that make sense.  For example take all the dinosaurs and animals, trucks and cars, dolls, and separate them into different bins or bags.  Then when your child(ren) want to get something out to play with it is not just clutter but something that makes sense and they can use.  My friend Heidi who has four boys ages 2 through 11 told me about this one and it works like magic.  You are always acquiring more of these items and it allows them to get used instead of just lost in a drawer.  The kids also play with the toys much longer as they make sense.


Make a dry bar by consolidating your alcohol in a round tray so you can easily fix a drink for your spouse, friend or guests.  It also looks very attractive on a credenza or sideboard.

5 tips for busting clutter


Have gifts or treats you need to take to school, friends or co-workers and handout over time?  Place them in a bin or crate attractively so they don’t clutter up the house while you get them out.  This also works well if you want to drop them off at a school or work and have people grab them on their own.

5 tips for blasting clutter


Consolidate on a tray to pull items together and display nicely.


There are always those bills, letters and school papers on your desk you can’t get to right away.  Consolidate them in a nice tray on your desk so they are tidy and you can process them when you have time.

This also does not mean at all that I have my house organized perfectly – it is a work in progress and I am always looking for ideas to make daily life run smoother.  There are many places that need WORK.

Hope these tips help make life a little easier and you happier!

Until Next Time,

Alex Shorter

West Coast Shorter Wife

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