5 Tips for Prepping Your Grill for BBQ Season

May 11, 2018

Truth be told, I am something of a grilling god.

And by god, I mean those friends and that family that show up regularly for dinner appreciate that I know how to find the main dish for a summer dinner under the dome of my grill.

So like plenty of other grilling gods, I suspect, I get a bit jittery when someone else tries to take over my grill.  Grilling is not hard exactly, but I worry that the less familiar won’t know the tricks or the charms of my particular grills

I could be wrong about all of this, but nonetheless the lengthening days and warmer temperatures, have me thinking about grilling.

And by thinking, I mean I vividly recollect the sumptuous tastes of juicy steaks, tangy chicken breasts, and warm seasonal veggies from seasons past.

All kidding aside, I love to grill.

Yes, there might still be snow in the forecast, but it is never too soon to gear up for grilling season, so it’s time to get your grill on.

Whether you are still using propane, like I am, or you’ve gone back to charcoal, like many of the experts now suggest, the fuel is less important than the process, and the process is part cooking and part prepping.

5 Tips for Prepping Your Grill for BBQ Season

Here is the short list of what you will need prep to get your grill ready, so you are ready for grilling:

  1. Check your fuel levels. Whether charcoal, propane, or some other source, you don’t want to be caught short if your lovely marbled cut of New York strip is only part way to medium rare.
  2. Clean your grill surface thoroughly. Last year’s kabobs were tasty, but none of this year’s guests wants that old green pepper or mushroom on their perfect piece of meat.
  3. Excavate your outdoor tools. Like any other kitchen gadget you don’t use regularly, your large outdoor spatula and heavy handled fork make flipping those patties that much easier, but only if you can find where you stowed these last fall.
  4. Check your starter method. Most electric start grills are sometime going to give up that connection and the only way to light is going to be to fire up a match or replace that electric starter. It’s always best to know where you stand before your guests sit down to dine.
  5. Recalibrate your old go-to recipes. Grilling is popular because it is easy, and while too many culinary critics now claim the grilled Caesar salad dead as the Roman dictator, let your own tastes dictate the menu. Fresh pineapple and Granny Smith apples on a cabob? Why not.  And there is no better way to prepare the Up North favorite of fresh whitefish than with a bit of lemon and dill over a grill dialed to low heat.

Nothing says summer—or up North—like the taste of a juicy steak or burger hot off the outdoor grill. And whether your grill is a built-in focal point in your custom outdoor kitchen, or the trusted and tried portable that has been idling in your garage or shed all winter, it is time to prepare for all the colors and tastes of outdoor cooking.

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