Acorn Squash for the microwave

October 22, 2013

As a kid, you never could have gotten me to eat squash. “Blechh” was a favorite phrase of mine when my taste buds had not yet developed. Now, I have a pre-teen in my house, and she is very much like I was at her age. She is not into anything new! I find myself trying to convince her to eat new foods and try something other than buttered noodles. Last night I made acorn squash in the microwave and tried to get her to try it. “It’s like eating candy,” I said. “It’s delicious. You don’t know what you are missing,” were also uttered. Oh, I have become my mother! Well, my daughter is a lost cause for at least another ten years. I am hoping, however, that you are up to the challenge of trying new foods. I guarantee you will like the results of this recipe!

Wash the acorn squash and cut in half. If the bottom is rounded on the squash, trim the bottom so it will rest flat. Scoop out the viscous flesh inside of the squash (where the seeds are).  Put the squash in a glass dish or a ceramic pie pan, scooped side down and cover with wax paper. Cook on high power in the microwave for eight minutes. Then, turn the squash scooped side up, and add a pat of butter and some brown sugar to each. Recover and cook for another six minutes, also on high. Take out and serve!

A tip from my Mom (who gave me this recipe): you can cook the squash ahead of time for the eight minutes and then set it aside while you work on the rest of dinner. Then, finish it up when the timing is right.