Easter Table Ideas

April 14, 2014

Easter is a favorite holiday of mine, but for years I struggled with how to decorate for the holiday. There are lots of items out there to purchase for Easter, and I seemed to have a little bit of everything. After trying to make it all work together, I finally decided to decorate based on color. Out went the purple Easter items, the red Easter items, and anything that wasn’t pink or green. My mom loves to decorate for Easter using red, so she received all of my red cast-offs. After paring down to everything that was pink and green, my focus narrowed and I was able to build an Easter table idea that flowed and allowed the eye to take in the entire display and not try to adjust for each change in color.

Pink and green Easter table scape. Decorating for Easter.

Pink and green Easter table-scape.

First, I started with a white tablecloth, ironed. Then, I added two pieces of pink ribbon and criss-crossed them across the table. The gerbera daisy centerpieces were actually re-purposed from my daughter’s bedroom. I built height in the middle of the table with two glass cake pedestals. I found the plaid plates at the grocery store, but the white plates in my cupboard would have worked as well. Then, my daughter and I built nests out of edible Easter grass, and added wool felt Easter egss, candy eggs, and bunnies made from boiled eggs. We used our dyed boiled eggs and some pink grass as the focal point of each plate. Pink cloth napkins went down next, and then our silverware, and glasses. After setting the table, we added added chocolate carrots we procured at Kilwins in downtown Petoskey. We added party favors at each place setting; they were little paper containers, in our color theme, filled with chocolates. Finally, I tied one pink plaid kitchen towel to the back of each chair with some leftover ribbon from my daughter’s birthday party.

Easter Bunnies Made with hard-boiled eggs.

Easter Bunnies Made with hard-boiled eggs.

I saw this fun idea in a magazine years ago and finally had time to try it for myself. Buy pickled beets and remove the beets from the jar, but keep the beet juice. Add hard-boiled eggs (peeled) to the beet juice and let soak overnight. Then, cut the eggs as shown and decorate to resemble Easter bunnies. We used carrots for the noses and slices of lettuce for the whiskers. Pepper worked for the eyes.