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February 11, 2015
The Importance of Teaching Your Kids to Ski

Life moves so fast these days. It is hard to stop the rat race and enjoy family time without constant interruptions of our smart phones. Slow down the craziness in an act that allows us to enjoy time with our loved ones while making life long memories at the same time.

Downhill Skiiing with family

I have never heard a person say that they regretted their parents teaching them to ski – only people who wished they had learned.

teaching your kids to ski

Ryan and I both come from families that are on 4th generation skiers at least.  It’s in our blood.  Little Carl stepped into his first pair of skis at the ripe old age of 18 months.  Don’t worry he had been walking for a full 2 weeks.  Ryan and I both learned at about age 2 to 3.

Teaching your kids to ski

I implore you to all get out with your families and ski.  If you don’t know how – LEARN.  Skiing is the only sport that you can do with grandpa and grandma all the way down to the littlest of littles. Winter everywhere is just so downright dreary we all need to get out and get some exercise and what a better way to do it.

Pictured here is my father, Louis Otto, myself and little Carl getting ready to take some runs.  3 generations out together doing the same activity.

Teaching your kids to ski

Get out and ski with your family as much as possible.  Better yet – get the kids into lessons or ski team and enjoy some much needed skiing dates and re-bond with your spouse.

Teaching your kids to ski

In the end, you will be left with lasting memories and a family that has a life time skill to pass down to their children.  Pictured here are my husband Ryan Shorter as a child, skiing with his father, Bill Shorter and his childhood best friend, Patrick Schaller. A perfect example of passing on a lifelong skill to your children, this is exactly what my father-in-law Bill Shorter is doing in this photo!

Teaching your kids to ski

Ski…it will do your body, soul and your family good.

Teaching your kids to ski

And, just for fun check out the Squirrels on Skis book, get yourself and your loved ones some Minnetonka Sherling boots and warm gloves – all found at your trusty Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts.  They make trips to and from the ski hill warm, dry and fun.

Yours Truly,

Alex Shorter

West Coast Shorter Wife

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