Father’s Day Petoskey Stone Gifts

June 7, 2016

If you’ve ever ventured north during the summer months to Petoskey, you’re sure to have heard or or run across a Petoskey Stone or two in your travels. You probably know how where to find them along the shores of Little Traverse Bay and have probably even looked for them a time or two growing up or with your children. If you haven’t had the opportunity to look for them you may have seen them in Grandpa Shorter’s here in Petoskey.

During the summer months, here in Northern Michigan, my kids love to comb the shores of Lake Michigan on Little Traverse Bay looking for Petoskey Stones. Our favorite spot is out at East Park, next to Bay Harbor. On my husband’s days off during the summer months, you can often find us out at East Park, letting the kids run and play on the awesome new(ish) playground equipment. Afterwards, we like to hike down the hill and let the kids search for Petoskey Stones along the shore while we sit and chat. The kids love it and it keeps us outside and away from the electronics.

When I was younger, I thought Petoskey Stones had one use as a rock. I mean, what else could a rock possible be used for? Fast forward to living in Petoskey, I’ve learned they are so much more and come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be from Petoskey to appreciate their beauty and many visitors who travel to our area during the summer months often take a few home that they have found themselves or purchased as souvenirs.

Father’s Day is right around the corner and if your father loves being up north and enjoys the simple beauty of Petoskey Stones, Grandpa Shorter’s has some great gift ideas in all shapes and sizes and price ranges.

Grandpa Shorter’s Father’s Day Petoskey Stone Picks:

Grandpa Shorter's Petoskey Stone Gifts Father's Day

Petoskey Stone Playing Cards – This gift idea is simple, affordable and perfect for kids to give to dad on Father’s Day. Who couldn’t use an extra deck of playing cards, perfect for the cottage up north or to have on hand at home for when you want to play cards.

Grandpa Shorter's Petoskey Stone Gifts Father's Day

Petoskey Stone Pocket Knife – I adore this pocket knife. Growing up, my father had given me a pocket knife (I was a total farm girl for those wondering) but not nearly as gorgeous as this one. Perfect for the dad who likes to be prepared and enjoys the outdoors. It’s as functional and it is gorgeous.

Petoskey Stone Business Card Holder

Petoskey Stone Business Card Holder – Let dad’s love of Northern Michigan shine through, even at work.

Grandpa Shorter's Petoskey Stone Gifts Father's Day

Petoskey Stone Wine Stoppers – Perfect for the father who enjoys a good bottle of wine. Pair the Petoskey Stone Wine Stopper with a classic bottle of vino from Symons for a memorable gift.

Grandpa Shorter's Petoskey Stone Gifts Father's Day

Petoskey Stone Clock – This clock is so cool and perfect for the cottage or camp up north. No cottage? This clock would look great in any home.

Grandpa Shorter's Petoskey Stone Gifts Father's Day

Petoskey Stone Polishing Kit & Raw Petoskey Stones – I love this gift idea. It’s perfect for the dad who loves Petoskey Stones but can’t make it up north. This gift is also great for kids to do WITH dad.

Father’s Day is June 19th this year and several weeks away. Why not plan a quick weekend getaway up north and bring dad along to find some Petoskey Stones?

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