Felt Christmas Ornaments

December 15, 2015

Grandpa Shorter's Kids Craft Felt Ornaments Holidays Christmas

Hello, friends! Christmas break is looming on the horizon and I’ve already started thinking of craft ideas for the kiddos even before Christmas actually gets here. My husband works nights and it’s hard to keep the kids quiet sometimes. My oldest boy prefers to play legos or go outside but the younger girls really enjoy crafts, like their mama. So, we do a lot of crafts in our house. Messy, yes, but they love it AND it keeps them quiet so dad can sleep.

This past weekend I started brainstorming crafts and activities for the kiddos to do over christmas break. My two older kiddos get out of school almost a full week before Christmas so I thought it would be fun to have a day making ornaments for our Christmas tree. I rummaged through my craft drawers and made a list of goodies we would need. A lot of the items you see, you might even have on hand. I already had a huge jar of buttons, some from my grandmother and other’s I’ve collected over the years (I never throw the extras away, ever!) and of course my handy hot glue gun, is always at the ready. The only thing I really needed was some extra felt. My girls love stealing mine and making their American Girl doll and Bitty Baby clothes so I was running low.

Grandpa Shorter's Kids Craft Felt Ornaments Holidays Christmas

I grabbed the kids and we hit Joann fabrics on the way home from seeing Santa at the Perry Hotel this past Saturday. It was a trade off, you get to see Santa and mommy gets to run into Joann’s with you = NO crabbing!

Felt Christmas Ornament Materials –

various colors of felt – I purchased the stiffer felt for our ornaments, it holds up really well and was easier to cut
variety of buttons
low temp hot glue gun
ribbon or twine for hanging your ornament
cookie cutters to outline your ornaments (I free-handed my Christmas trees)
puffy paints (optional) – the girls loved use this to ‘paint’ their ornaments but they were still drying when I photographed the trees we made

Directions –

#1. Choose what shape you want to make. I did Christmas trees with the girls first, so I actually free-handed the triangles (super easy) and then cut a small rectangle from the brwon felt for the base. The girls did ornaments, so I traced the round cookie cutter and they cut them out and decorated them.
#2. Use the hot glue gun to affix the base to the Christmas tree.
#3. Choose a variety of buttons to decorate your tree.
#4. Affix a small piece of twine or string on the back and let dry prior to hanging your ornaments on your tree.
#5. Use a Sharpie to write your child’s name on the back and the year. Trust me, years from now you will have no idea when you made them!

Grandpa Shorter's Kids Craft Felt Ornaments Holidays Christmas

Looking for more holiday crafts and activities to do with your kiddos? Check out these ideas –

#1. Popsicle Stick Snowman from The Simple Parent – My daughters developmental kindergarten class made these just this last week and it’s so cute!
#2. Sharpie Mug Craft from Cleverly Simple – I think this may be next on my list. I bought the oil based Sharpies and I’m itching to try them out!
#3. Washi Tape Cookie Cutter Ornaments from The Homespun Hydrangea – I did a version of these last year with the kiddos. Yes, I have a slight Washi tape obsession. The stuff is addicting!
#4. Spiced Gingerbread Playdough from A Sip of Southern Sunshine – My girls will play with playdough for hours and this stuff smells heavenly!
#5. Paint Chip Gift Tags from Create Craft Love – How adorable are these and EASY??! I’d probably make ornaments out of them too. 😉

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