Handmade Sari Rugs

April 7, 2015
Grandpa Shorter's Downtown Petoskey for Shopping and Gifts

Hello everyone! Spring is officially and finally here. We did get several inches of snow this past weekend here in Petoskey but the kids enjoyed it and they got one last hurrah in before it melts completely. It felt like an odd way to end our spring break but I’m hoping the snow melts this week and stays away for good!

With the kids being home all week, I took advantage of spring break to do some major spring cleaning around our house and tried to organize toys, clothes, you name it. We are also re-doing my home office so my husband spent a majority of spring break painting and filling in old nail holes. Now that my office is painted we are planning on building a desk and cabinets. I’ve been spending a lot of time online looking for fun pieces to decorate it with and make it my own space.

Maybe you’ve been spring cleaning or maybe you’re just looking for that perfect statement piece for your home or office like I am. Today on the blog I’ll be sharing with you beautiful Sari rugs sold at J.W. Shorter & Son Mercantile which offers gorgeous linens and home accessories. It’s only a few doors up the block from Grandpa Shorter’s on E. Lake Street and is a must stop if you’re in town. Seasonal Decor is their specialty but they offer so many unique items year round it’s always fun to stop in a browse to see what is new!

What are Sari Rugs? 

Sari rugs are gorgeous handmade rugs using recycled sari’s from India. Old sari’s are collected and sold to various companies in India who separate the remnant pieces into specific color shades. The sari fabric is carefully taken apart and recycled back into fibers.

Those fibers are then turned into yarn using the similar color shades. The rugs are often handmade on a vertical loom and the rug maker often hand ties the ends. After the rug is complete, the rug is washed by hand, dried and then shipped to various outlets for consumers to purchase.

J.W. Shorter & Son’s Mercantile here in Petoskey carries these gorgeous rugs and you can even order them online from our website! Every rug is unique in the fact that even though each has a similar pattern, the colors and texture will ultimately vary, making each one a unique statement piece for your home or office.

Sari rugs are gorgeous handmade rugs using recycled sari's from India. #Home #Decor #Rugs

The Sari rugs at J.W. Shorter & Son Mercantile come in a variety of patterns: hearts (shown above), butterflies, chevron, swirls and many more! The sizes vary between 2.25’x8′ runners up to 4’x6′ area rugs. Prices vary depending on the size of the rugs. The heart pattern is the only rug shown online, however if you give J.W. Shorter & Son Mercantile a call via telephone at 231-347-6540 a friendly J.W. Shorter employee would be more than willing to help you with choosing a design that would fit your style and needs. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, a new rug would be a nice gift idea! Shop online for your Sari rug today!

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