How to Play Dodgeball

August 30, 2016

Summer is officially winding down this week and the kids have been spending as much time outside as possible before I call them inside to get ready for bed. Every evening they go out after dinner to ride their bikes or zipline behind our house. At camp this summer, my oldest kiddo learned how to play dodgeball and loved it. I think the last time I played was probably elementary school and I wasn’t very good at it good at it but my son really seemed to enjoy it. I asked him if he ever played in the gym class during school and he said no which kind of surprised me.

This week, I’m talking dodgeball here on the Grandpa Shorter’s blog and how to play it. It’s perfect for kids of all ages. Even if you are not interested in playing, it’s fun to watch and just get outside with the kids!

So, what is dodgeball? Dodgeball is a game played with multiple players on each team. The objective is to throw balls at the other players, hitting them with the ball and causing them to go out. If a player catches a ball thrown by a member of the opposite team, the thrower is out. The obvious main goal of Dodgeball is to get as many players out on the opposite team. I would typically consider dodgeball a kids game but after doing a few internet searches, it’s clearly popular with all ages.

Grandpa Shorter's How to Play Dodgeball Kids Games Fun

How to Play Dodgeball – 

  1. Two or more balls are placed on a line between 2 teams. Both teams stand back until it is time to play. Both teams run forward at the same time, grabbing as many balls as they can before the other team gets to them.
  2. Once you have the balls, dodge out of the way from the expert players. Try to throw your balls at the average players trying to get them out first. Also try aiming low, the higher you throw the easier it is for the other players to catch the ball. Aiming at the players legs will cause them to go out sooner.
  3. Stay low. Getting hit in the head in dodgeball doesn’t count so staying low helps avoiding getting hit in the body.
  4. Try to catch as many balls as you can, causing the other player to go out. Don’t move if someone throws a ball at you, try catching it instead.
  5. Be quick. Move around a lot and be ready to jump if someone throws a ball at you.

There you have it, the basics of dodgeball. I also found during my search that there were a few different ways to play the game and I only highlighted the basics. My son’s leaders at camp taught them a bit differently and their version involved knocking tennis balls off cones proving there are multiple versions of how to play dodgeball. Ask your kiddos or grandchildren how they play and I bet they would be willing to play a game with you!

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