Jen P – Grandpa Shorter’s February Featured Employee!

February 23, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! I hope wherever you are that you are staying warm! We had another 3 day weekend here in Petoskey due to the temperature being -32 on Friday morning. Brrrrrrr!!!!!

Today’s blog post brings you something a little different and something a little fun here on the Grandpa Shorter’s blog. We are going to be nominating one Grandpa Shorter’s employee every month and doing a little get to know you with them.

This is the first go around so if there anything you would like to know if the future, please leave a comment in the comments section!

Jen P Grandpa Shorter's Internet Store Manager and Jack of All Trades! We appreciate our employees!!

Our first featured Grandpa Shorter employee is Jennifer P.

A little background on Jen – 

Jen has been working for Grandpa Shorter’s since she was 14 years old and is the Internet Store Manager here at Grandpa Shorter’s. So, all the cool stuff we link too on the Grandpa Shorter’s website each week? That’s all put on the site by Jen, the awesome behind the scenes girl. Kind of, because not only does Jen run the web store, she also works as “Jack of All Trades” and frequently helps out on the Grandpa Shorter’s sales floor as needed. Talk about multi-tasking!

She loves the cool and unique merchandise she’s around on a daily basis but says her favorite Grandpa Shorter’s items are the unique antique chests downstairs in Trappers Cabin. Something to check out the next time you’re in store!

Jen was born and raised here in Petoskey. She is married and has two older siblings. Jen enjoys spending time with her family and perusing Pinterest for DIY ideas in her spare time.

I asked Jen what she loves most about Northern Michigan and she said the fall because the leaves are gorgeous and it’s the perfect time of year to walk the trails behind North Central Michigan College here in Petoskey.

Other Interesting Info On Jen –

Q:  What do you love most about working at Grandpa Shorter’s?

A:  I get to do something I love and alongside my absolute best friends.

Q:  Favorite place to eat lunch in Petoskey?

A:   Parkside Deli on Howard Street next to Pennsylvania Park. Yum!

Q:  Favorite Color?

A:  Purple

Q:  Favorite Food?

A:  Garlic Bread

Q:  If you could live anywhere other than Petoskey Michigan, where would it be?

A:  Somewhere in London probably. some place with a lot of history. In the United States I would love to live on the east coast.

So, there you have it! A peek at Jen P, Grandpa Shorter’s Internet Store Manager.

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