Michigan Mementos Make Great Gifts

November 18, 2013
Michigan mementos

As a graduate of one school and having a son at the other I understand the rivalry. No problem when you come to Grandpa Shorter’s, though, you can find a vast selection of items representing allegiance to both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. Looking for wearing apparel? How about a sweatshirt you will not find at the MDen or a beautiful watercolor green and white scarf? Or even an incredibly soft after-shower towel wrap. Are you searching for stocking stuffers? Try some blue or green hot chocolate (yes, really!), drink Koozies, ornaments, earrings, or a deck of cards immortalizing your school’s heroes. Graduation is right around the corner-trust me, I know, that son of mine is a senior.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a memento honoring one of Michigan’s great universities?????

Disclaimer: Not all items mentioned in this blog post are available online at this time, but call us at 1-866-Shorter for custom orders.

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