Mother’s Day 2017 Northern Michigan Style

May 8, 2017

Mother’s Day is already next weekend and if you are in need of some fun and unique Mother’s Day ideas, I have you covered! I personally am one of those mom’s who never really wants or needs anything. I love spending time with my children and husband but honestly don’t bother buying me a card and you can keep the flowers. I enjoy the simple things in life and some quiet time. An afternoon alone walking around downtown Petoskey and perusing the local stores and maybe picking something out that I’ve had my eye on for a while sounds like heaven in my book! Being able to walk through McLean & Eakin and grab a new paperbook and then a mocha at Roast & Toast without the kids bugging to get something? THAT sounds perfect to me. Strolling through Grandpa Shorter’s and then J.W. Shorter’s without someone tagging along? Yes, please!

Grandpa Shorter's Mother's Day 2017

Whether you enjoy Mother’s Day alone or would love to spend it with your entire family, I’ve put together a fun list of activities that mom’s of all ages are sure to enjoy!

Do you know of any other Mother’s Day events happening in the area? Please let us know! 

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