Napkin Etiquette

April 22, 2015
Napkin Etiquette How to Fold and Unfold a napkin

If you know my mother-in-law, Mari, you know that she knows all things about proper house keeping and entertaining. This is something I really admire and strive towards. Mari just showed me a great trick on how to fold a napkin so you can grab the corner, lift it up and spread it across your lap in one felt swoop.

I wanted to share this trick with you so here we go.

Step 1. Lay the square dinner napkin flat on the table.Napkin Etiquette- Hold to Fold and Unfold a Napkin

Step 2. Fold the napkin once over.

Step 3. Grab the lower left corner.

Step 4. Lift and it will fully open up to spread across your lap.

I hope you enjoyed this tip. What is your favorite etiquette trick or tip?

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