National Puppy Day- March 23

March 18, 2024
Two adorable Keeshond-Chow Chow mix puppies

What is small, furry, adorable, and cuddly, and makes you smile every time you see their fluffy face and waggly tail? What loves you unconditionally while also sleeping up to 20 hours a day? Why it is a puppy of course. Is there anything in life better than a puppy? I cannot think of one single thing. Not that we needed an excuse to celebrate the greatest thing to have ever happened to the human race. . .but there is a very special day coming up when we celebrate all things puppy. Each year since 2008, March 23 has become known as National Puppy Day. This holiday even has its own website-

Colleen Paige started National Puppy Day back in 2008 for two reasons. Sure, she wanted to celebrate just how doggone amazing puppies are, but she also wanted to bring to people’s attention the inhumane conditions in puppy mills, and by doing so, she wanted to encourage people to adopt their puppies (and grown dogs) from shelters or humane societies. Here in Petoskey, we are fortunate to have one of the best and most proactive humane societies in the whole country. Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, which is located between Petoskey and Harbor Springs rescues more than 900 animals each year. They are a zero-kill facility, and they take in animals that other cities’ pounds, shelters, and humane societies have turned away. It is their mission to find appropriate homes for all of the animals that come through their doors, and they do a great job achieving this goal.

Although there are no puppy-specific events in or around Petoskey this year on March 23 (maybe someone should work on that for 2025!), here are four ways you can celebrate National Puppy Day in northern Michigan:

Indy, a Keeshond Puppy, age 2 months, enjoying the Michigan Snow.
  1. Pamper your pup. Do you have a puppy? Lucky you! Spend time playing with your pooch this day. Take them for a walk, or give them some Frosty Paws dog treats. Head to Ruff Life Pet Outfitters in downtown Petoskey and purchase them a new toy or special treat. Do you have a dog that may not quite be considered a puppy any longer? Pamper that dog as well! I think that term puppy can be relative; my dogs stay my puppies their entire lives. 
  2. Watch a movie about dogs/puppies. Here is a list of a few classics from which to choose: The comedy Best in Show is filmed as a mockumentary about dog show life. It also stars Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara (need I say more?).  Must Love Dogs is a quintessential romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Diane Lane. The original 101 Dalmatians is a classic that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages.  Turner & Hooch is a typical Tom Hanks comedy, and he stars alongside an adorable Dogue de Bordeaux.
  3. Donate money, food, toys, or your time to your local shelter. Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, along with every other shelter across Michigan could use your help. They are always looking for volunteers and donations to keep their operations running smoothly and to provide care to the most animals possible. 
  4. Adopt a puppy from Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, or if you are reading this from afar, from your local shelter. Ok, do not do this on a whim or because your favorite blog writer told you to do so, but if you are in need of a companion, and this is a decision that you have thoroughly thought about, then go for it. You can view all of the adoptable dogs and puppies available at Little Traverse Humane Society by clicking here.  

Whether you have your very own puppy or not, this March 23, find a way to celebrate National Puppy Day.