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May 25, 2015

Northern Michigan Food Trucks Catering Events
Hello again friends and welcome back! Today on the blog I’m bringing you food trucks. I did some research on some local food trucks that we have right here in Northern Michigan and I’m bringing all the info to you.  You don’t have to live in the big city to experience delicious food out of the back of a truck.

The first food trucks here in the U.S. were the chuckwagons in the old west that fed the cattlemen. Fast forward to present day and we see them everywhere serving anything from basic home cooked meals to fancy gourmet dishes. The experience is like none other and you will find that each truck serves a different style food.

The popularity of food trucks has grown over recent years and we now have at least seven food trucks local to Northern Michigan. Spaced across Northern Michigan you can often find them parked at their actual brick and mortar restaurants, as well as local farmers markets, festivals and events. Many of the trucks are also available to cater private events so make sure you check their Facebook pages and websites.

Northern Michigan Food Trucks – 

Wood Fired Up: Location – Harbor Springs. This unique food truck brings you delicious, homemade wood fired pizzas. Check their Facebook page for contact information and give them a ‘like’ for updates on Wood Fired Up events.

Happy’s Tacos: Location – Boyne Falls/Boyne City. I think Happy’s Tacos was one of the first food trucks I had heard about here in Northern Michigan. My friends raved about them. They are even open during the winter months at Boyne Mountain which is cool to see. Their specialty is tacos (thus, the name) and they source their fresh ingredients from as many local businesses and farmers as possible. We enjoyed their tacos last weekend at the Boyne City Mushroom festival. Check their website for information on catering and check out their menu.

Pig’s Eatin Ribs: Location – Charlevoix. Originally based out of Traverse City, this unique catering and vending service has recently opened a restaurant in Charlevoix branching out here in Northern Michigan. This food truck specializes in delicious smokehouse style BBQ and offers a variety of options for catering events here in Northern Michigan. Don’t want to wait? Head to their restaurant on US-31 South in Charlevoix to try them out.

West Coast Tacos: Location – Cheboygan. My sister swears by this place and talks about them all the time. I haven’t tried them yet myself, but I plan to the next time I’m in Cheboygan! West Coast Tacos offers authentic Mexican cuisine at affordable prices and even has daily specials. Check out their Facebook page for more information and too see their yummy dishes.

Etta’s – Location: Harbor Springs. Etta’s offers home cooked meals from scratch when you don’t feel like cooking. Their brick and mortar restaurant is on West Conway Rd in Harbor Springs. If you’re out and about in the area this summer, you can also swing by the B. May Bags parking lot on M-119 (just down from Petoskey Brewing Company) where Etta’s food truck is usually parked during the summer months.

The Landings – Location: Charlevoix. This local food truck offers tacos, homemade french fries, sandwiches and burgers. I’m getting hungry typing this. The Landings restaurant is based in Charlevoix but their food truck can be found in weekly locations throughout the summer months as well as various Northern Michigan festivals. They are also available for catering. Head over here from more information.

Brian’s Ice Cream Experience – Location: Charlevoix. Bring on the dessert! This unique sweet food truck is the perfect ending to your food truck lunch or dinner. Brian’s Ice Cream brings you delicious homemade ice cream made with all-natural, fresh and local ingredients. And, he often has some unique flavors you won’t find anywhere else! This past week you could get Morel Ice Cream! I haven’t tried it but hey, there’s a first time for everything, right?

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