Potlucks are Underrated

July 8, 2015

Tips for making entertaining a breeze.

Many people HATE to entertain or have given up having friends over all together because they really don’t have time.

At our house we seem to end up having a planned or impromptu party at least once a week – the key is to make it as stress free as possible – like it should be.

Here are some tips to make entertaining do-able for your family.

Enjoy life and friends – have a potluck! Yes even during a busy week and we’re here with tips to show you how.

#1. POTLUCK – Let your friends know what you will be making and let them fill in the blanks. I like to make the main course and at least one side – that way if everyone forgot to bring their dishes, which won’t happen but just incase, you are still good.

#2. PAPER PRODUCTS – Keep paper products like plates, napkins and plastic silver wear on hand so you are ready when extra people show up or in case the dishwasher did not get run.

#3. EMPTY DISHWASHER – Try to have your dishwasher and garbage empty when guests arrive. That way your clean-up will go very quickly and your guests can help too as there will be room to put things.

Enjoying time with friends and family can be energizing and it is always wonderful to re-connect. Just remember what you are there for – be a good host but don’t put yourself over the edge in the process. Make it as easy on yourself as possible and accept help. If everyone pitches in it all comes together much more easily. Your friends and family want to help you and it is a great way to pass around new recipes.


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