Seven Rituals to Try When You Want a Snow Day

February 6, 2022
Seven Rituals to Try When You Want a Snow Day

Winter is in full effect and children have continued hopes of getting a snow day or two off from school. There are a lot of legends and superstitions about “rituals” that will make it snow and keep the big yellow buses off the roads. We can’t guarantee any of these methods work, but if you want to skip class, build a snowman, or enjoy some extra R&R, you can give one of these a try.

1. Inside-out, Backward PJs

One of the most well-known rituals states that if you go to bed wearing your pajamas inside-out and backward, it will snow. Maybe if enough kids do this, the collective incongruity upsets the atmosphere and makes it snow? Or maybe some clever parent was ready to end a long winter day and just wanted their kids to go to sleep. Either way, it’s worth a try! 

2. Spoon Under the Pillow

Another legend requires participants to put a spoon under their pillow before they go to sleep. It doesn’t matter what kind of spoon: plastic, metal, wood, big, small, they all will do. This recalls the old wives’ tale of putting a knife under the bed of a woman in labor to cut the pain. Does it work? Maybe. Do we see a pattern that seems to have something to do with getting kids to go to sleep? Yep.

3. Snow Dance

This is a legitimate Native American ceremony performed by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe in Colorado. A ski resort there claims it has worked for them in the past. Will it work for Michiganders? Who knows, but here’s a video if you want to give it a try.

4. White Crayon in the Freezer

This ritual is a two-stepper. First, you have to put a white crayon in the freezer. Then, guess what you do with it? You put it under your pillow when you go to bed. 

5. Place Ice Cubes on the Porch

Just like it sounds, you put ice cubes outside on your porch. It doesn’t specify an amount. Maybe the more ice cubes, the more snow? You could try using a couple of big bags of ice from the gas station if you’re hankering for a blizzard.

6. Flush Ice Cubes Down the Toilet

Instead of throwing them out on the porch for Mom or Dad to slip on when they leave for work, you can try flushing ice cubes down the toilet. This is also one of the more well-known snow day rituals.

7. Run Around the Dining Table Five Times Before Bed

This one is pretty straightforward, too. You run circles around your kitchen table five times, then go to bed. Sounds like a good way to tucker out kids who were stuck in the house all day because of bad weather, so either way, it’s worth a try.

You’ll have to test these theories for yourself to see if they work. Let us know if you have any success.

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