Top 5 Tips on Great Holiday Photos

November 26, 2014

Tips for taking holiday photos

We have all been there and attempted the Christmas card photo.

Only to fail miserably – it is always so disappointing.

Here are 5 tips to make sure they turn out whether you are using a professional or doing it yourself.Tips for taking holiday photos successfully 1

  1. Pick a time when the light is even – not too sunny or too dark.

Everyone thinks that it should be sunny but that is the worst mistake you can make. When it is too bright or too dark you get shadows, squinting and harsh exposures.

  1. Pick a background you like, and one that makes sense with the look you are going for. Make sure it is clutter free.

For example:

Want a Christmas card photo in PJs?  Pick a background that is inside like a warm friendly house or fireplace. 

Want a family photo with boots, scarves and jackets on?  Go outside!  Pick an area that is beautiful.

  1. Pick color coordinating outfits and theme.

DO – Wear color coordinated outfits, like red and green or a theme like nautical or winter.

DO NOT – Wear all the same outfit!  Unless you have twins – no one should have the same outfit on.  It looks BAD!

  1. Use props! It is always easier to get kids to interact if they have a book or toys and it is more likely they will smile too.

Holiday Photo Tips

  1. DO act crazy and make funny noises, tickle the kids, jump back and grab the shot. You want everyone’s attention right on the camera and beautiful smiles! My family photographer Mary Collier from MKC Photography is a PRO at this.

Remember it makes a much better photo to just take the photo you want rather than to try and edit or crop everything out afterward.

Holiday Photo Tips

The photos in this blog are a photo shoot I did for my in-laws’ Christmas card this year.  My niece, Kaitlyn, came up with the festive idea for her and Carl to wear PJ’s together in the photos.  My sister-in-law, Jenn, styled it with cheerful holiday PJ’s and slippers from Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts and we used my in-law’s beautiful home as the venue.

Until next time!

Your friend, Alex Shorter

West Coast Shorter Wife

Note: Alex is a professional photographer and she has a degree in photography from Northern Michigan University.

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