Wrapping a Present Video Tutorial

November 28, 2015

I always thought I knew how to wrap a present – I discovered I was terribly wrong – after watching the queen of gifts show me how.

Watch this short video tutorial and let Jennifer Shorter, Owner of Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts, teach or refresh you on wrapping a present properly.  This is a skill that many people do not know how to do correctly – having a visual makes learning so much easier and Jenn does a beautiful job showing us how.

Steps to Wrapping a Present:

  1. Fold up sides half way to make sure the paper is the correct width – cut off excess.
  2. Place the box in the center of the paper.
  3. Fold edge of flat paper to create a nice clean folded edge.
  4. Make sure the folded edge comes up over half way of the box.
  5. Check other side to make sure they overlap over the middle of the box – fold the other edge if you have enough paper.
  6. Pull two sides tightly together so you don’t have any gaps or sags.
  7. Use clear tape to adhere the two sides together.
  8. Fold down the middle of the paper on each end of the box and crease ends – creating a triangle.
  9. Pull triangle up and adhere with clear tape on both ends.
  10. Use a coordinating or contrasting color of ribbon.
  11. Place ribbon over the top of the box (check length before cutting) and crisscross to come up the sides – cut on diagonal.
  12. Tie two bows to create a four corner bow.

Thank you Jennifer Shorter for this fabulous tutorial.  I could watch it again and again – it makes it so easy to learn to wrap a present correctly.  This is such a necessary skill and will save you on so much wasted paper and ribbon.

Remember, Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts, JW Shorter’s & Son Mercantile, and Trapper’s Cabin all offer complimentary gift wrapping – so shop it up at the Shorter’s stores and have one of their lovely employees wrap your gifts for you.

Happy wrapping!!!

Alex Shorter – West Coast Shorter Wife

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