Year Around Gift Giving Ideas

December 31, 2014

Well, hello there!  Happy Wednesday!

Even past the holiday season there is always a reason to give a gift to someone you appreciate, love or both!

Here are some of my favorite gifts and ideas for all different kinds of people:

Giving the gift of a mug for someone very special.

MUGS are for EVERYONE SPECIAL: Emma Bridgewater designs are one of my very favorite gifts for anyone.  ‘Very special mugs for special people’.  They are keepsakes and are by far one of the nicest gifts you can gift.  They are made of porcelain – so no coffee rings!  You can give just one of these and make a big impression.  Treat yourself to one of these – or several – I do.

Games and slippers for teens, the perfect gift combination.

Teens:  They are always hard to shop for!  They seem to have everything and like nothing.  You can’t go wrong with Minnetonka Moccosins and a good old fashion game.  Kids love to interact if they are reminded they can.

Avocado soap makes a great gift for someone special in your life.

Luxury in a Box: Soap and especially nice soap is always the perfect gift for anyone – smells amazing too.  You can never have enough as it always gets used it up.

Tip: Use clear bags for packaging.  They consolidate and showcase your gift.  Or, Grandpa Shorter’s gift wraps too – they are one of the last of the gift wrappers out there – thank goodness for their old fashion shop owner values.

Get Practical: Gift ideas and inpiration for year around gifting.

Notepads: You can’t go wrong with notepads.  Everyone needs one for everything from grocery lists to to-do lists and everything in between.

Napkins:  Always a hit and always getting used up.  A nice pack of napkins make your giftee look oh so put together when they have guests over.  They will appreciate you for that.

Gift ideas and tips for year around gifting.

Wet-it’s: Are where it is at! Men and women alike need to clean their kitchens and wipe down surfaces daily.  Everyone I have given these to has had grand reaction!

Soap it up: Again, a nice soap is always nice.

Tip: Think about color coordinating your gifts – it gives a cohesiveness to gifts that are a wide range of items.  

Gift ideas for everyone in your life including tips and inspiration.

Daycare Providers or Co-Workers: Pairing wet-its, a fun soap and notepads are a MUST!

Men: Can always use a Wet It too and a manly soap is a must.

Gift for girlfriends because they deserve something extra special.

Girlfriends: We all have that group of friends we want to gift to.  Pair Wet It’s with a flashy soap and colorful wine corks.  Every self-respecting lady needs a super cute wine cork just for her.  Have fun playing with the colors and what might be a good mix for your friend’s home.

Teacher Gifts: Pair apple Wet-It’s with a tea, cider or coffee and a functional hip notepad to finish the collection.  Teachers love things they can actually use and enjoy.  We all need to appreciate those who educate our youth.  Always fun to tie teacher gifts with some measuring tape ribbon too as seen below.Gifting ideas and inspiration.

Every gift in this blog edition is from Grandpa Shorter’s and JW Shorter’s and Son Mercantile.

Enjoy gift giving and the joy it brings to those around you.  It is an age old tradition and one that should be celebrated.

What gifts do you love to give?

Until next time,

Alex Shorter

West Coast Shorter Wife


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