How to Choose the Perfect Snowshoe

January 11, 2022
How to Choose the Perfect Snowshoes

If you are a lover of winter, we are guessing being out in the snow and cold weather, and snowshoeing might be a favorite hobby! Wearing proper snowshoes can make a huge difference when you are out in the snow. Different snowshoes serve different purposes, which is helpful to know when choosing the correct snowshoe size. Snowshoes generally range from 22-27 inches. Let’s take a deeper dive into what to consider when determining your snowshoe size.

Snowshoe sizing by weight and load

 Your weight and how much you are carrying are essential factors determining what size snowshoes to purchase for snowshoeing. In general, a heavy person or someone carrying more weight on their back will need a larger snowshoe than someone smaller, having little to no gear.

Snowshoe sizing by gender

 Naturallymen’s snowshoes are designed to carry heavy weight, whereas women’s snowshoes are designed to carry less weight. Women’s snowshoes are also narrower than men’s. The bindings on a women’s snowshoe are likewise more narrow, to fit a smaller foot size. 

Snowshoe sizing by age

 Snowshoe sizes for kids can vary by either the child’s age or the intended use of the shoes. Smaller sizes are recommended if a child needs snowshoes for casual play. If a child is wearing snowshoes for similar reasons to an adult’s use, larger shoes are recommended. Don’t let your kiddos stay inside this winter. Get them active outside this winter! 

Snowshoe sizing by weather conditions

 The type of snow also determines the size of your snowshoes. If you are going to be out in powdered snow, you will need bigger snowshoes than if you are going to be walking on more compacted snow.

If you are unsure where to start when purchasing snowshoes, many places in Northern Michigan can help you. Check out some of our other blogs to learn where to go!

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