Public Pour House Petoskey

September 12, 2016

With the weather starting to change and the leaves will soon be falling. We still have quite a few people in town during the fall season; older retired couples that can enjoy the peace and quiet that fall in Petoskey has to offer and younger couples without children, honeymooners and weekenders looking for a fun and quick getaway. My kiddos are all in school full time and that allows me to enjoy my days kid free. I occasionally head downtown while running errands and it’s so nice. I also have coffee or lunch with friends 1-2 times a week. It gets me out of the house and socializing with my friends.

Grandpa Shorter's Downtown Petoskey Public Pour House

If you have been in the Petoskey area the last few weeks or are planning a trip north you may have noticed and new wine and cocktail bar here in Petoskey called Pour Public House, serving wine and fun and unique cocktails. Pour Public House is located right next to Tap 30 on Mitchell Street, just half a block up from Howard Street in downtown Petoskey. It’s the newest addition to Petoskey’s unique downtown restaurants and bars.

My friend and I stopped in this past weekend and took a few minutes to speak bartender Michael and general manager Todd regarding Public Pour’s wine and cocktail menu as well as their food menu.

Grandpa Shorter's Petoskey Downtown Public Pour House

What is so unique about Public Pour House?

  • Pour Public House’s wine and cocktail selection is unique because almost all beverages are poured through the house taps. You may think your wine and cocktails are being compromised but rest assured the secret lies within the basement where each room controls a different temperature and tap, which means your beverage of choice is never compromised. The Public Pour House basement contains several different temperature controlled rooms which is the central center for each tap.
  • Public Pour’s farm to table menu is fresh and seasonal coming from local sources like Coveyou Farm Market, Shetler’s Dairy, Pond Hill Farm and Spirit of Walloon. Michael the bartender loves Public Pour’s grilled cheese and Tomato bisque soup. Both are simple yet delicious.
  • We asked why there were no full dinner menu offerings and Michael explained the Public Pour wants to set itself apart from other local bars and wants to offer a farm to table menu that patrons can share with one another. I asked Michael what the most popular menu is and Bone Marrow is the most surprising popular menu item.

What is Public Pour’s most popular drink?

  • The Moscow Mule tops the list for the popular year around cocktail and the Gardener’s Helper came in as a close second as the most popular and unique seasonal drink.

Have you been into the Public Pour House? What did you think?

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