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Even some of the hardiest of campers store their gear away once the weather turns cold. That's a pity because some of the best camping is winter camping, and some of the best winter camping can be found in Northern Michigan. Winter camping is certainly not for everyone, but then again not everyone...
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Northern Michigan is known for their winters but that doesn't mean you need to stay inside and hybernate. There are plenty of fun and adventurous ways to get out and enjoy Northern Michigan in the snow. One of the best ways to explore the area is atop a pair of cross-country skis.  Because of the...
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Winter is here in full force with chilly temperatures and lots of snow covering the ground. If you want a break from the cold or skiing isn’t your thing, maybe what you need is a weekend at one of Michigan’s indoor waterparks. The the balmy air and warm water will help you forget the winter wond...
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Yesterday's blog post was about the Pied Piper Skatery in Walloon Lake, the perfect place for those of us that prefer to stay inside during these cold winter months here in Northern Michigan. Love being outside with nature? Today's post is for you! Northern Michigan in a winter playground for those...
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